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Swissair (1988), España + Touristischer Flugplan

Edición local para España del típico "libro rojo" de horarios de la Swissair en los años 80, lo que quiere decir que incluía un montón de conexiones desde todos los aeropuertos españoles e incluso vuelos de otras aerolíneas que no eran Swissair pero que volaban a Suiza.

En esa época la integración entre Swissair y Crossair no era tan fuerte, aunque aparecen algunos vuelos operados por los SF3 de Crossair. También aparecen en los mapas de cabina, junto con los MD-82 de Balair y los MD-87 de CTA. En la sección de novedades, Swissair estaba introduciendo el Fokker 100 "a más destinos en toda Europa"

Por otro lado, creo que los mapas de los aeropuertos de Ginebra y Zürich son de lo más poco útil y esquemático que he visto nunca.

This was the local edition for the Spanish market for your typical Swissair "red booklet" in the 80's. That means that it includes tons of possible connections via Switzerland from all Spanish airports, and it also lists flights to Zürich and Geneva that were operated by other airlines. Also, Swissair was informing that they were using the Fokker 100 to "more destinations across Europe".

Swissair and Crossair were not as closely linked together as they would be some years after, but some flights are listed as operated by the Crossair SF3 equipment. Also, there are cabin plans for the Crossair SF3, as well as the Balair MD-82 and CTA MD-87 at the end of the booklet. 

There were also some sketchy drawings showing Switzerland most important airports, at Zürich and Geneva. As far as I can recall, these are the most useless airport maps I have ever seen.

Un folleto del mismo año, para el mercado alemán, con vuelos a destinos "turísticos", es decir, orientados a un público vacacional.

This brochure was intended for the German market and included "touristic" destinations, or at least they were supposed to be leisure destinations.


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